About Us

Ajnabeing is a trauma informed international organisation committed to serving people who seek to find a solution to their suffering.

Ajnabeing provides an unparalleled experience as a trusted trauma and wellbeing organisation

We are committed to creating awareness on how various levels of trauma affects every aspect of our lives

To inspire hope, and to contribute to holistic health and wellbeing for those who are seeking to change their life

How we came together
Mariya and Deborah, the co-founders, are both committed to Qi Gong training, health and wellness. Our Qi Gong practice also took us on a path of healing and the connection to our true selves. Our desire was to make it accessible to many people around the world.

Our thoughts and ideas evolved during the first COVID lockdown and came to fruition later in the year. Against the backdrop of uncertainty and mental health tsunami that was predicted following the lockdown, we introduced three modalities to reach people and to make a difference in their lives: through motivational talks, one-to-one work, and retreats.

Our philosophy of meeting our true selves
Just as caterpillars have the genes to become butterflies, we too go through this process. The more obvious stages are from baby to child to adolescent to adult. However, the psychological process of us learning a programme to fit into our families, to our friendship groups and the society – we lose our true self.

We are encouraged to focus on more material aspects and image, making us more and more disconnected, experiencing more anxiety, depression, addictions, toxic relationships, and loneliness than ever before.  We simply exist and have allowed our passion, energy, connection, and joy to fade away.

We are enough!

We are worthy!

We can tap into our uniqueness and our incredible worth.  Embracing what we have experienced by connecting with our inner selves and letting go of what is not serving us is part of our psychological metamorphosis and the key to experiencing the state of joy.

Dr. Mariya Ali

Dr. Mariya Ali’ has always had a passionate drive to help those who have been affected by trauma in a holistic manner. Her professional career spans over 30 years working with and for children and adults from countries around the world including, countries of the South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), United States of America, England, Ukraine and Moldova to name a few. She worked in various therapeutic, research and policy roles in governmental, international not for profit organisations and charities including Unicef, World Health Organisation, and Save the Children. Dr.Ali is an Honorary Knowledge Exchange Associate of Oxford Brookes University, where she continues to research and publish in the area of women and children’s rights.

Dr Mariya’s approach is a unique blend of conventional psychological and social work approaches, somatic and energy healing techniques to reprogram limiting beliefs formed during childhood. Her desire to make difference arose from multiple adverse childhood experiences.

Despite the challenges resulting from her childhood trauma, she excelled in her career reaching policy level at the age of 38 as the Deputy Ministry of Health and Family in the Maldives from 2009-2011, holding the portfolio of gender and social services, including children’s rights and child protection. She was then appointed as an Under Secretary of the Policy Office, at the Office of the President of the Maldives focusing on social policy in 2011.

Her work in furthering children’s rights was recognised by Curtin University of Technology in 2015 by awarding her “The Global Impact Award” in 2015 and the “Highly Commended Women in Public Sector Award” at The Wintrade Awards in 2019.

Qualifications and certifications: Bachelor in Social Work, Masters in International Child Welfare, PhD in Human Rights, Metaphysical Anatomy Technique Level 1, Ki Gong Shim Sung (Finding True Self) and Dotong (Healing self and others)

Deborah Atwell

Deborah has always been a ‘peoples person’ and that is reflected through her career path. She spent 10 years in retail publishing and while working, trained to attain her qualifications in marketing(CIM), as well as advanced sales and negotiation skills.

This led to being head hunted to work on the NEC Fresh Produce Fair that heightened her passion in encouraging 3rd world countries to market their fresh produce on a global stage to reach international supermarket outlets.

With an interest in finance, Deborah decided to change careers and studied to qualify as a mortgage and financial adviser setting up two national, and one international mortgage companies that offered finance to purchase properties in Barbados for their returning nationals, as well as UK investors. In 2011 she made the decision to use her skills and experience to take up the offer of a business development role in the charity sector to generate un-restricted funding for the membership organisation representing NGOs working in international development.

After 5 years of working in the charitable sector, Deborah came to a crossroads in her life, and once again changed careers setting up a talent agency managing, mentoring, and supporting adults and young performers in television and film.

‘Sometimes I reflect on my achievements and I think to myself “how did I manage all that”? To reinvent myself to work across different sectors without fear, just an anything is possible mindset, a belief in my capabilities, and a desire to be the best I can be’.