Dr Mariya Ali

Founders of Ajna, Mariya Ali and Deborah Atwell, The Statue of Suffragette Emily Davison

Mariya is well known for her work in children’s rights and her work with trauma especially, child sexual abuse. She is researcher, speaker and a life coach on a mission to empower people suffering emotional and physical pain. She blends social work, neuroscience and eastern mind and body yoga techniques to heal trauma.

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Over 30years she has impacted millions around the world through her work:

My Breakdown / Breakthrough

In December 2012, someone close to me had written my obituary and gave it to me. I went into a deep shock realising that I was always living the life that others expected me to live. The comments in this obituary made me think I had a personality disorder. I was not able to sleep for two weeks, became agoraphobic and was too scared to watch TV for over two months. My doctor gave me sleep medication for a month.

I made an appointment with a psychiatrist and said, “I am ready to be assessed…I think I might have a personality disorder!” He assessed me and said that I had situational depression and anxiety disorder and that he could prescribe me medication. I refused to take medication and this is when my healing journey began.

My Childhood

One afternoon in 1980, the normality of life was shattered when my mom, my brother and I discovered that our father was imprisoned for life. I was just 8 years old. My father along with 2 of his friends were the first political dissidents that were wrongly sentenced at the beginning of a 30 -year dictatorship.

I received death threats, was bullied and isolated from family and friends, the days, months and years that followed were traumatic and left marks for years to come. My subconscious programming came out of the trauma and was reliving this on a daily basis. I had developed negative beliefs about my self: I was unworthy of good things, I was unlovable, and it was not safe to be me.

Despite the tragic circumstances I turned those fears and negative thoughts into positivity and success – Resilience. My motto in life became “ nothing is impossible…we just have to make it happen.”

nothing is impossible…
we just have to make it happen.

Becoming me

At this stage I questioned the very celebrated concept in social work “resilience”. It had got me success but at what cost to my personal life and health I asked?

It started off with therapy sessions at the Priory in Richmond, London. Through these sessions I understood that my body was always on “fight or flight” mode and this was making me really ill. I soon knew that just talking about it was not going to make a difference. So, this is when I found a healing programme that blew my mind away.

Within 20 days of doing the programme my anxiety started easing and within 3 months it was completely gone. I woke up at 4am every morning for the next 8 months and never missed a day. My life transformed into something I did not recognise. So, I decided to train in Metaphysical Anatomy Technique and Ki Gong, both known for their powerful healing qualities.

Finally I was becoming ME.  I started feeling that I had the right to be ME in this world as ME. I have an unparalleled desire to inspire people to take action and achieve success in their lives.