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Unlocking the wisdom in our pain

Many of our behaviours are developed to adapt to the circumstances or trauma that we are faced with psychologically and physiologically. For instance if your ancestors suffered extreme poverty, they had to adapt to getting very little and you who was born several generations after might have “poverty consciousness” that you have not had direct experience of. You might even be wealthy but always feel that, “I don’t have enough money”. This inherited belief might cause you to continuously stress about money affecting your life and impacting on your relationships. So, it was adaptive to your ancestors but maladaptive in your life.

The underlying message that was transferred here is “I am not enough”

So, where does this come from? It could be:




Control from above the genes: the cellular mechanisms above the genes can be turned on or off with exposure to the external environment


Mothers environment and how she is feeling (eg. stress)

Environmental Toxins (eg. pesticides)

Other (eg. alcohol, drugs)

Perinatal Experience

Bonding and attachment (type of caregiving my primary caregivers)

This is where Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) can have a negative impact on our stress response network


Family (eg. beliefs, values)

Education, community and culture

Our coaches are trained practitioners that can help with those who have experienced childhood traumas and those that are inherited through their DNA.

Coaches & Practitioners


Dr. Mariya Ali

Mariya is well known for her work in children’s rights and her work with trauma especially, child sexual abuse. She is researcher, speaker and a life coach on a mission to empower people suffering emotional and physical pain. She blends social work, neuroscience and eastern mind and body yoga techniques to heal trauma.

Read Mariya’s full profile.


Krystyna Lawson

Krystyna Lawson’s emotional and physical healing practice spans more than 25 years reaching over 5000 clients. Her practice is enriched by her own life changing experiences including fully recovering from M.E. through Kinesiology. This journey introduced her to various healing modalities and teaching methods, as she is a natural teacher with a passion to ease those who are suffering with emotional and physical pain. She uses the most Avant-garde techniques that blend energetic, emotional, and physical healing therapies to meet the individual needs of her clients. She works with infants, young people to the elderly and even animals with astounding results. In 2020, I took a deep dive into metaphysical and somatic healing practices, which I found moved my clients to greater levels of understanding of their own bodies and emotions. I now use this as the basis of my treatments.

Krystyna continues to expand her knowledge and skills through an extremely busy schedule of working with clients around the world, over zoom and Skype, and updating her training and learning. Her own life is transforming in magical ways and she sends blessings and invites others to join her to action the changes they want to see in their lives.

Qualifications and certifications:

Diploma in Holistic Health, Diploma in Kinesiology, Reiki 3 Practitioner and Teacher, Reflexology and Advanced Reflexology Techniques, Aromatherapy, PSYCH-K®, Small animal Cranial therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, CST1, CST 2, SER 1, and Metaphysical Anatomy Therapist Level 1 & 2, Medical Intuitive


Aminath Manik

Aminath Manik says, “Hi and a warm welcome to taking your first step towards feeling better and finding balance in your life.”

She has experience working with a wide range of concerns, including anxiety, depression, emotional abuse, grief, relationships issues, work related problems and more.

She is a trauma-informed therapist with person-centered core values. She believes that with a bit of help and understanding anyone can overcome their unique challenges. Aminath integrates different approaches (including Emotional Freedom Technique, EMDR, Mindfulness, CBT and Somatic Experiencing) to help you process any difficult experiences that you may carry with you. As well as develop coping skills, re-frame thinking and behaviour and make changes in order to move past the problems and negative emotions.

Aminath provides a warm, safe, supportive and confidential space were you feel acceptance, validation while gently challenging you in certain areas that promote growth and healing.  She shares, “I am human first and a therapist second, therefore, I am here to help you navigate your own way through whatever that may be weighing on you.” She offers her sessions over zoom and Skype.

Qualifications and certifications:

Integrative Attachment / Relational Cognitive Therapy (CT), Person-centred Therapy, Somatic Therapy (Body Centered), Emotional Freedom Technique EFT and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)



Hello infinite being , did you always feel that you are different from others in your family (black sheep), not belonging , alienated , it must be my fault and heart broken from all that perceived rejection?

Welcome home infinite being , my name is Anastasia which in Greek means resurrection and this is what my talent is, I awaken the master in you.

After 12 years of teaching various modalities and having worked with over 9000 individual sessions and hundreds of students all over the world my divine calling is to assist all sleeping masters in their awakening journey helping them unidentify their consciousness from the separate parasitic ego consciousness that was on this planet way before they arrived.

Having studied marketing\advertising and consumer behaviour I know exactly how the collective subconscious has been programmed to influence humanity and keep you co-dependent in victimhood.

I am a master Thetahealing Instructor , Metaphysical anatomy trauma completion master instructor and soma breath instructor.
Though I strongly believe in techniques I am a strong believer that life is always pro life and your body is the key to awaken you to your full potential though the creator of all that is.

I am the I am that knows , I am the I am already
Heart to heart

Yoga Practitioners


Shifana Mufeed

Shifana Mufeed is a yoga teacher, personal trainer and a fitness instructor with experience and knowledge in the field of health and wellness. She started off as an aerobics instructor and established herself as a certified Les Mill’s Instructor, holding qualifications in BodyJam, BodyPump, Body Vive, Body Balance and Zumba.

Before moving to England with her family, Shifana’s own business, Ayogafitness, was one of the most successful and fastest growing of such businesses in her own country. During the 8 successful years of running her business, she introduced a diverse range of yoga programmes, including aerial yoga. She currently takes classes with More Yoga Centers.

Shifana’s multitude of qualifications allowed her to bring versatility and innovation to her classes. She was also often invited to work with high-net-worth individuals including celebrities and Hollywood actors and actresses that requested personal training sessions. Shifana’s sessions are currently offered via zoom.

Qualifications and Certifications:

Les Mills Instructor, BodyJam, BodyPump, Body Vive, Body Balance and Zumba.

"Becoming you" Package £1500 (3 months)

12 sessions a month: 6 sessions of somatic and energetic healing sessions combined with 6 sessions of yoga or Ki Gong

This package provides the perfect combination to connect mind, body and soul, which often gets disconnected from each other when we experience not getting the level of love, affection and care that we needed when we were children. Disconnection and or dissociation could also result from being exposed to incidents at school, all forms of abuse, natural disasters, discrimination, marginalisation and so on. The result is that we don’t feel safe in our bodies.

Disconnection and or dissociation can manifest in myriad of ways, to name a few; from feeling not good enough, anxiety, unable to perform at work, loss of motivation, to feeling depressed, developing unhealthy coping mechanisms as addictions etc. With our trauma informed somatic approach, we will help you start your journey on realising the wisdom our bodies hold so that we can start feeling safe in our bodies.

We know from the abundance of research, knowledge, and experiences that transformations are more powerful when you combine body work such as yoga/Ki Gong with talk therapy or other forms healing.

Additionally, the familiarity that you develop with your practitioner will pave the way for you feeling safe and relaxed. You will have the choice of practitioner (visit our practitioners page) that you would like to work with when you book.

This might be the decision that might change your life!

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I was going through a very difficult pregnancy. Mainly because I didn't know how to manage and deal with my toddler’s feelings and behaviour while I was on bed rest and unable to devote my maximum time for my toddler. I didn't want my shortcomings to effect in anyway to my toddler’s wellbeing, growth and creating sibling bond between the toddler and the new baby. With the help of Ajna’s practitioner, I was able to mentally prepare myself and help my toddler in welcoming her sibling and think with a very positive mindset.

Female Client

I left the session feeling comfort in understanding how my trauma has physically manifested in my life. Instead of feeling discomfort in feeling I was able to feel my emotions in a safe space and cultivate a feeling of self-compassion.

Female Workshop Attendee


I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Ajna has supported me through one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life. To heal from trauma - so I can break the negative generational cycles for our children. The skills and tools I have so far gained are priceless because they are skills and tools that can be used for life. In 5 months, I have finally begun to breathe. There is light and love at the end of 5 really painful dark years. Eternally grateful!

Female Client


There are times in everyone's life when you need help to take stock of your personal situation, reflect on the life experiences that shape who you are and consider where you want to go next. Whilst friends and family are an important part of that process, there is no substitute for friendly but professional help that can listen without prejudice and guide you to making choices. Mariya was there for me and my family at such a crossroads, helping us through a dark patch by drawing upon her wealth of experience and skills.


Surrey/ England

My husband and I met with Mariya for a few sessions, when we hit a rough patch due to issues caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. Mariya was kind, patient and very insightful in her guidance and never once stopped us mid sentence or watched the clock during the sessions. There is a certain level of calm and peace in the sessions and I really appreciated that she helped me gain insight into my past experiences but also helped me overcome them using meditation and other mindfulness techniques. Her approach is very holistic. She works to ensure you dont spend every week of your life in therapy in the long term. I have no hesitation in recommending Mariya to anybody.


Sri Lanka