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I have worked with Mariya Ali for a number of years. Ms Ali is a talented, committed, energetic personality, highly intelligent and with a wealth of experience at a very high level. Her networking abilities are impressive and she is an original thinker, capable of both planning and delivering complex strategic plans. Ms Ali is personable, and can work very effectively as both a team player and as a leader. I would have no hesitation in employing her in a senior position, commensurate with her qualifications and experience.

Dr Bob Goldfield

Executive Director, Kaewphuang Gold Limited

Mariya is one of the most authentic people I\'ve ever had the privilege to work with. She has a genuine caring nature and her knowledge along with the true colours of her amazing soul is what made me feel like home in her presence. She always overdelivers and gets way over her head and into her heart to assist you with your issues.

Anastasia Koutsouras

Theta Healer/Metapysical Anatomy Practitioner & Teacher/Founder /Owner of Somanous, Greece