Respite, Recuperate, Reflect & Rejuvenate

Ajna’s professional team hosts wellness and spiritual retreats around the world to immerse you in everything from inner peace, yoga, meditation, and wellbeing through relaxation, connection, and education.

Agna’s approach, unlike many other training programmes, incorporates trauma-informed modules that indulges the participants with a deeper dive into one’s own attachment pattern (the lens we see the world through) formed under the age of 3.

We will help the participants experience the mind and body connection through moderate KiGong, restorative yoga, sound healing, somatic experiencing methods, PSYCH-K® and learning from psychological theories.

Outcomes from the retreats include:

  • Increased motivation
  • Able to understand one’s own stress responses
  • Better cope with stress and work/life demands
  • Able to understand mind-body connection for better emotional regulation
  • Self care routine post retreat
  • Connection between food and mental and physical health

Our retreats are themed:

Mariya works very quickly and efficiently. She is a hands-on person and has a can-do approach and attitude. She is emotionally intelligent, putting her staff at the heart of what she does. She makes time to talk to her staff to ensure their concerns are heard and any problems are addressed and resolved. Working with Mariya was a fun, rewarding and enriching experience. Her leadership style is creative, nurturing, approachable and fair and in this way she gets the best from the people she works with.

Charity worker


I had the pleasure of working with Dr Mariya Ali during my tenure in Maldives. I worked with Mariya in her capacity as a Deputy Minister for Health and Family leading family policy and initiatives with children. Mariya clearly had a passion for doing the right thing, and as a result we were able to setup the first MOU between Government and a resort for community partnership. During the time I worked with Mariya I found her to be extremely approachable, open to explore different ways of doing business and very focused on delivering reputable, impactful policy that enhanced the lives of many children in need. I truly wouldn't hesitate in working with Mariya again in any capacity, as I find her approach and outlook extremely refreshing.

Justin Malcolm

General Manager at Le Meridien Saigon, Vietnam